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   After 5 years on east Washington dv8 salon moved to a new home. Moving to a larger and more personalized space has been the next step in evolution. It is more than coincidence that the new location at 705 Laurens rd. Greenville, SC is accessed from Darwin Ave. dv8 as a salon evolved from a studio for the art of hair to a studio for the art of hair and relaxation. By adding more space dv8 salon can now offer more, but not too many, stylists. Also in the growth is the perfect compliment to the atmosphere, massage. dv8 has one very specific focus, the client's comfort. Living in a world of substandard service can be taxing, that is why dv8 salon chooses to be different. This is not another large salon where you become a number and a signed check. This is a haven both intimate and comfortable for you and your friends to come relax, and experience hair and massage designed specifically for you.