So, I'm going to do a hair show next weekend. This will be the first time in a decade. I'm really excited to be working with old friends and making new friends. As I contemplate my role in this team, I have to break it down to goals. I know what the team goal is. Sell Amazing Product. I feel completely comfortable with this because the product is Amazing. As I reflect on the years I used to do this I noticed how my personal goals have changed over the years. Now, I mean the goals specific to the show team endeavor not general life goals. They do crossover at times, but that is a different story. So.... my young, hungry, full of Testosterone, piss , and vinegar goals. Well, to kick ass and show the world what I could do with some scissors, a razor, and some products. Travel and the ability to support myself were high on the list also. As I became part of a team, maybe even a family, they morphed a bit. I became more invested in my teammates goals as well. I still totally needed to kick ass and slay hair in front of as many people as possible, but I wanted to bring my hair family up with me. We did it by the way. Went from no one knowing who we were to the darlings of the industry. We were traveling the the globe doing hair for famous people. Teaching in academies in Manhattan, LA, Miami, Chicago. We killed it in Vegas when the largest hair event in the world was there. Everything changed when the big corporate interests moved in. We went from artists exchanging ideas about things we believed in, to spread sheet people maximizing profits and pushing fashion agendas based on corporate research. I had to leave. A lot of my friends stayed in. It seems that they kept that part that I loved, because I can see the quality peeking back through. I choose to go to this show for new reasons. I did the stage thing. It was awesome. Now, I am what I consider successful and am growing as an artist. I want to have that feel of being the David vs Goliath like when I was younger. But, I want to do it with a team of artists who are there to share ideas for a common goal. Honestly, I want new venues for my photography as well. I can't wait to share my experiences with a new generation of team members. And, for this to work, I will need to understand what they need to get for themselves. Where are they on their personal goal journey. To gain experience? To gain exposure? To kick ass and take names while slaying follicle? I can't wait to find out. I may have to make a chart. Ha.

Finish Out (Finishing HairSpray)

When you need a firm hairspray. When you need a light hairspray. When you need a styling tool that adds strength to your heat styling. When you need a bit of volume in the crown. Finish Out is the Finishing Spray.

The versatile nature of this spray will definitely save some space on your counter and some dollars in your account. Before doing an involved style for a shoot I love to dust the hair with this product. I use it most before using my flat iron or the Miracurl to make waves. Whatever magic is in there keeps it from being crispy. The result is a firm curl or wave that is still soft and shiny. Put a little Transforming Texture Paste on you fingers to break up the waves and you are money! Just need to hold up a finished blowdry? Hold the can 12 inches or so away and mist. If you need a bit more hold and want some working time, bring it in to 6 or 8 inches and use a couple of spurts in the areas needed. You will have 30 seconds or so of working time to scrunch or smooth down little new hairs standing up. This technique not only increases strength, but is wonderful for adding a bit of lift to the top of your style. Just spray, then move your fingers from out to in like a gentle back comb without the comb. For a Killer french twist, apply before back combing then finish after with a touch more to smooth the hairs trying to escape.   



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Transforming Texture Paste

Get that soft texture you crave for medium to short length Hair! This product is great for use in wet or dry hair.

For short hair, apply wet and push your hair in the general direction you want it to be. Now, either blow dry with your fingers or just walk away and let nature finish the style for you. If you want a bit of extra lift and/or Oumpf, spray some Full and Thick and blow dry with fingers for messier/ Brush for neater, then finish with Texture Paste to give soft separation and control. 

For medium to shoulder length hair, apply wet and scrunch to accentuate your own natural, beachy wave and go hang out in the sun with a beverage. If you have to make it in to work that day, hit it with a blowdryer and diffuser. If you want a bit more polish, choose Full and Thick( for volume ) or Shake and Spray( shiny texture and speed ) before blow dry. Then add a bit of wave with your favorite curling iron/flat iron/miracurl/random mammal and pull your fingers through with a bit of texture paste to soften and separate. Finish off with a bit of Finish out. Next afternoon when you wake up you can freshen it up with Extend It( Dry Shampoo ) for that Amazing 2nd-3rd-4th day hair. For the win. 

More info at myamazingproducts.com


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New products are Here!

Free of everything like salt, parabens, gluten, sulfates, and any other trendy thing to be free of. These are high performance styling aids that smell amazing and perform with the best. Shine, Texture, and Finish that won't break the bank or fade your color. For the days you, or your hair need a break, there is a dry shampoo too! Available on Feb 1st at dv8 and the rest of the world. Stay in the loop as we talk about benefits and usage for each product in the line.   www.myamazingproducts.com


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Going from Red to Blonde

How hard is it to go from Red to Blonde? Well... What condition is your hair in? How dark is your Red? How much Damage is acceptable? What level of Blonde do you mean?

If your hair is naturally dry and brittle, the resulting damage will definitely be too much for it to look good. A long term plan set over months is always the best bet. If you want it quick, this kind of hair is not going to do well. If your hair is very Dark and you want it to be even close to reasonably healthy, plan on doing a little over a long time. Slowly changing from Dark to Light is always preferable. It allows for natural lightening to help the process as well as giving recovery time. A light Strawberry Blonde can changed relatively easy, but plan on spending a bit of time. A true Platinum may not be attainable on the first visit either. Any of these procedures will cause damage. Limiting the damage is key if you want your hair to be manageable and somewhat easy to style. The chances of going from very Dark Red to Silver in one visit while maintaining hair health are very slim. Invisible Slim. If you have a realistic idea, Like Dark Red to Strawberry Blonde, you may be able to leave happy. Just make sure you realize it will be closer to 4 hours instead of the one and a half normally spent. That means more product and labor, which translates to Dollars. Any of these plans will definitely require a nice Re-constructor and gentle Shampoo plan. These things can be done and, if you are patient, they can be done while keeping your hair much healthier.


Why does Blonde hair turn Yellow over time?

There is more than one answer to the question, "why does my Blonde hair turn Yellow over time?". In order to answer this, we may as well explain how we get to Blonde in the first place. If hair is dark or gray, we must remove natural pigment and tone. Depending on how dark, we may need to pre-lighten and tone to get the desired shade of blonde and avoid the Orange stage. Hair with no color left is still a bit yellow, provided we do not get into the melted stage. From there we add different levels of Blue, Red, and Yellow to get the desired effect. Over time these added colors fade and uncover what was left. Adding Violet to yellow hair can make it white or silver, which actually looks lighter than before. So when it fades it appears to be darker, but this is just a trick of how light is reflected. So, answer number one is... Your toner faded out. 

Answer number two. Well, let's go with the explanation again. When we lighten, we remove the inside parts leaving space to be filled. Nature does not like things that are not balanced. So, if you have a high mineral load in your water, the color of that mineral will penetrate and stay. The color of certain chemicals will penetrate. Cigarette smoke leaves a yellow residue. Chlorine is green. Most blondes can remember swimming and having a green tint. So, answer number two is environmental contaminates that penetrate or stain. Light hair shows stains because it is light.

Silver Hair.

So, you think you want silver hair. Before you jump into that bucket of monkeys let's lay out what that entails. Twice the time and product at your stylist, and possibly twice the price of standard color. This is a very optimistic assessment of time. A minimum of 4 hours, and up to 6. It is quite possible that it will take more than one visit. First, all of your natural color needs to be removed. Bleaching up to a pale blonde is progressively more difficult the darker or more resistant your hair is. If you have dark artificial color, it may not be able to be completely removed at all. This is a pretty tough process and a conditioning treatment may be in order. There are additives like Olaplex (  https://olaplex.com/  ) but even those are limited. 

Before the Silver

The before


Next comes the toning. Depending on the level of success in lightening, a toner of varying shade will need be applied. This may be a gentle color additive ( Demi-Permanent ), a direct dye ( Blue, Pink, Green, Purple, Ect ), or an actual permanent color to finish the lifting before the layer of violet can be added for the smoky silver look. On this project I had advanced access to a new Lightener with safer and stronger lift ability. Belma Kosmetic uses what they call Enzymotherapy for safer and faster lifting. I have to say, it was a pleasure to work with.  https://www.facebook.com/belmakosmetikusa/ 

Getting ready

The after toner, pre picture.

For a toner I was able to try a newer product made specifically for this kind of color. Mydenitity  http://www.mydentitycolor.com/ is a color developed by a hairstylist known for grey and other colors in that family. I used the permanent level 8 silver/pearl to balance out the remaining color. For toner maintenance it will require a touch up about every 2 weeks realistically. There is another option that is take home. Schwarzkopf International, a color manufacturer, makes a "spray in" toner that takes about 20 minutes and lasts for a respectable amount of time. It is a silver white and not a true silver, but this was the color goal for this particular client. There are also a few new Shampoo/Conditioner toners available that have differing effectiveness. If you aim to maintain this color, the dark regrowth will need to be addressed at the very least every four weeks. Then toner again. Marilyn had hers lightened every Friday. So, adding it up, we have this list of consideration for silver hair:

1: More Time. 2: More Cost. 3: More Damage. 4: More Maintenance. 5: Quicker Return Appointment.

If you fully accept and understand these requirements and still want this, or the host of other ( pink, blue, rose, ect... ) Colors achieved this way, start an informed conversation with your stylist. It can be very rewarding and traffic stopping stunning.