So, I'm going to do a hair show next weekend. This will be the first time in a decade. I'm really excited to be working with old friends and making new friends. As I contemplate my role in this team, I have to break it down to goals. I know what the team goal is. Sell Amazing Product. I feel completely comfortable with this because the product is Amazing. As I reflect on the years I used to do this I noticed how my personal goals have changed over the years. Now, I mean the goals specific to the show team endeavor not general life goals. They do crossover at times, but that is a different story. So.... my young, hungry, full of Testosterone, piss , and vinegar goals. Well, to kick ass and show the world what I could do with some scissors, a razor, and some products. Travel and the ability to support myself were high on the list also. As I became part of a team, maybe even a family, they morphed a bit. I became more invested in my teammates goals as well. I still totally needed to kick ass and slay hair in front of as many people as possible, but I wanted to bring my hair family up with me. We did it by the way. Went from no one knowing who we were to the darlings of the industry. We were traveling the the globe doing hair for famous people. Teaching in academies in Manhattan, LA, Miami, Chicago. We killed it in Vegas when the largest hair event in the world was there. Everything changed when the big corporate interests moved in. We went from artists exchanging ideas about things we believed in, to spread sheet people maximizing profits and pushing fashion agendas based on corporate research. I had to leave. A lot of my friends stayed in. It seems that they kept that part that I loved, because I can see the quality peeking back through. I choose to go to this show for new reasons. I did the stage thing. It was awesome. Now, I am what I consider successful and am growing as an artist. I want to have that feel of being the David vs Goliath like when I was younger. But, I want to do it with a team of artists who are there to share ideas for a common goal. Honestly, I want new venues for my photography as well. I can't wait to share my experiences with a new generation of team members. And, for this to work, I will need to understand what they need to get for themselves. Where are they on their personal goal journey. To gain experience? To gain exposure? To kick ass and take names while slaying follicle? I can't wait to find out. I may have to make a chart. Ha.