Finish Out (Finishing HairSpray)

When you need a firm hairspray. When you need a light hairspray. When you need a styling tool that adds strength to your heat styling. When you need a bit of volume in the crown. Finish Out is the Finishing Spray.

The versatile nature of this spray will definitely save some space on your counter and some dollars in your account. Before doing an involved style for a shoot I love to dust the hair with this product. I use it most before using my flat iron or the Miracurl to make waves. Whatever magic is in there keeps it from being crispy. The result is a firm curl or wave that is still soft and shiny. Put a little Transforming Texture Paste on you fingers to break up the waves and you are money! Just need to hold up a finished blowdry? Hold the can 12 inches or so away and mist. If you need a bit more hold and want some working time, bring it in to 6 or 8 inches and use a couple of spurts in the areas needed. You will have 30 seconds or so of working time to scrunch or smooth down little new hairs standing up. This technique not only increases strength, but is wonderful for adding a bit of lift to the top of your style. Just spray, then move your fingers from out to in like a gentle back comb without the comb. For a Killer french twist, apply before back combing then finish after with a touch more to smooth the hairs trying to escape.   



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